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Saturday, August 09, 2008

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

3 masks for him

our soft christian underbelly

a frog at the crossroads

as the lobster evolved

the 75 values of consumption

4 stories from a far away place

starkness of solar light # 3


simple straw

richard's fear


not another face in refief...

more howl for your buck

the limited species of tonga # 2

life as an ideogram

life after the fire

island lines

if the cat fits!

I got ready

howl # 77 version 6

gism # 88

a study in gray

far out in the now

dreams about road kill # 2

digital bamboo

skin as data

attention # 7

angry riot torn face # 6

the gravy rainbow # 2

14 reasons for gravy

5 values you'll only use once

# 7 in a series of none


Blame it on gates
Blame it on remoteness
Blame it on the dodgy software
Blame it on the other obsessions
Blame it on all the above and all the below
Blame it on anything but me
But GOF is back and running
So is TWIT
So get real
Get with it
Get off that chair and visit